Monday, February 7, 2011

Quick Tips

In the interest of having a 'bite-sized' post and a bit of a review/re-link to my earlier posts - here's a bare bones list of tips for Photography and Photoshop. I'll try and list them from simplest to more advanced.

  1. Shoot pictures in bright light. The more light the better, diffused light if possibly (less harsh shadows)
  2. Learn the different shooting modes. With the exception of the very inexpensive Point and Shoot cameras, there are ways and reasons to control some things directly
  3. Adjust the exposure compensation If you can't shoot in bright light, this does help
  4. Set the White Balance. Or at least know what else you can do about tinted pictures
  1. Sometimes the best fixes are quick Autocorrect is your friend (most of the time)
  2. The next best things are automated You just have to know where to find them
  3. Know what the program can do Part 1 Part 2 With enough time, source pictures and expertise, just about anything is possible
  4. Blending options are a quick way to add some pizzazz

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